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Hunger Games

UGH. I seriously need to get rid of these Hunger Game feels. I know how it ends, and I don't care. I LOVE GALE HAWTHORNE. I cannot stand Peeta. The movie made it worse, because Josh Hutcherson is awful. I have no idea what compelled them to cast him. And worse, they changed how she got the Mockingjay Pin! Which means no Madge Undersee. Which means no potential affair between Madge and Gale, which was my only consolation. D: AHHHHHHH I HATE IT SO MUCH. I JUST WANT TO MOVE ON, BUT EVERYONE IS POSTING ABOUT IT.

I can't even read Katniss/Gale fanfic because it's all so miserable. UGHHHHH. Too much angst! It's almost always unrequited and it KILLS ME. I just keep crying about it. It's not helping that I'm remembering His Dark Materials and Will and Lyra because for some stupid reason I am tracking that tag on Tumblr. Why can't people I like just be happy together?! D: 

This is distracting me from writing porn and it is NOT RIGHT!

ARYA/GENDRY OTP GRRM DON'T KILL IT. ............he's gonna kill it. D:

Writer's Block: Weatherman’s Day

Crazy. Warmish, wet, windy, sometimes bitingly cold. It was snowing yesterday too. 
What is the weather like right now?

Writer's Block: You’ve Got Mail!

Constantly. I am always connected via my blackberry. I get serious anxiety attacks when my phone and I are separated. 
How many times a day do you access your email account?
I've started on the Tumblr thing, mostly because it's the platform that I have found that contains the most cohesive grouping of fans--other than boards--interested in Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire fandom. 

There is certainly a community here on LJ for it as well. In fact, many people link to and from their LJ to their Tumblr and vice versa. Personally, I am a super-Walmart kind of social media user. I really don't like having to switch back and forth between platforms, especially when there are many similarities between them already. This is my dilemma with Tumblr and LJ and also why I won't--unless I am otherwise convinced/impressed--join Dreamwidth.

I am really finding too many similarities between the two, yet each does something better than the other, so I still use both.

LJ is great because it's much, much more stable than Tumblr. It's easy to post, comment; I like the Writer's Block questions, I like that there are communities I can "watch" and I like that it's a good space for photos and .gifs and whatnot. 

What I dislike is that there are now so many privileges you have to pay to access, while still being obligated to have advertisements on your account. I also dislike the fact that the "Frank" posts are so damn long and I can't minimize any posts when I am scrolling down the "Friends" page. I also find it's harder to find people/find and audience/or people with similar interests on LJ than on Tumblr. I think this is actually what is making Tumblr increasingly popular.

Tumblr is a creative outlet, which combines Twitter style following and scrolling with blog-ability, .gif and photo-friendly posting, and best of all, allows tag tracking in a much more user-friendly interface than I've seen thus far. I also really like that there is a streamlined dashboard--because let's be real, some people's LJs and Tumblr page designs are hot, illegible messes.

The only problem is...Tumblr is super unstable. To the point of frustration that makes me want to quit it altogether. Granted, it's a fairly new animal, so it is experiencing growing pains, much like Facebook and Youtube and Twitter all did in their early days. But still, it is extremely frustrating, especially when you can't tell whether or not anyone can actually see your post. If not to connect with other people, what is the point of participating in social media?

Another problem is that commenting is disabled and is only possible if you sign up/install a 3rd party platform onto your Tumblr, which your commenters will also have to do, so they may post. This is just ridiculous, I think. Sure, you sometimes have the option to "reply" if you see a post by someone who you are following and who is also following you, and who has enabled the reply option on that particular post...but that reply kind of ends up somewhere in space. I can't see my reply, I don't know if the other person sees my reply, I can't really tell at all if my reply even posted--or maybe that's just me experiencing a glitch? See what I mean? Too much inconsistency.

I think Tumblr, if it can get its shit together, can/will be an awesome tool for social media. It's certainly already developing an extremely dedicated following that is ever-expanding, but it desperately needs to figure out its "Facebook Equation" before it can play with the big boys. 

Writer's Block: Singles Awareness Day

I am kind of indifferent. I don't really care that I'm single, and I don't hold a grudge against those who are in a relationship. People lambaste it as a commercial holiday, created by greeting card companies, but every holiday has been perverted in that way anyway.

Also, chocolate goes on sale tomorrow.:D
Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?

Writer's Block: Party of Five

Jesus, George R. R. Martin, Maragret Mitchell, young Marlon Brando

Everyone invites Jesus, duh doi.

George R. R. Martin, so I can drill him for questions about Game of Thrones :D

Margaret Mitchell, so I can ask her what she would have done for the sequel to Gone with the Wind if she hadn't died. 

And young Marlon Brando when he was handsome and brooding but before he was super jaded
If you could invite four people-living or dead- to a dinner party, who would they be?

Writer's Block: Vision Test

No. Lust at first sight, definitely. But how can you love someone you don't know? ...Well, maybe you can LOVE how someone looks and therefore have "love at first sight" but that's only a partial love. 

I suppose you could have an amazing imagination and fall in love with "someone" you've only just seen based on a story you've invented from the few things you've seen--i.e. clothes, hair, body, face, etc. But that's not really being in love with someone, that's being in love with an idea and it's based on something completely false. 

So yeah....No. haha
Do you believe in love at first sight?
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?

Writer's Block: Human Nature

The best quality of mankind is our ability to love. The worst? Our ability to destroy ourselves so unfeelingly.
What is the best and worst quality about mankind?

Look-a-Likes! :D

So yeah, sometimes I play this game with my friends, where you do celeb-celeb look-a-likes or people I know-celeb look-a-likes or my personal favourite people I know/celeb-animal look-a-likes, hahahaha. Annnyways. I knew Genevieve Cortese looked like someone or something, and I've finally placed it!


Duffy! GC looks like a brunette Duffy! They have the exact same lips. Also, they both have a weird--not entirely unattractive, but...interesting looking--potato shaped heads and large jaw lines! Although, GC has a nicer forehead--but I think I like Duffy's cheekbones better...On further inspection, I think they also have the same cheekbones! Whoa!...But Duffy wins, because she's legit talented at what she does hahaha.

Although, on some angles, Duffy looks like Dolly Parton or Rebecca Romijn (sp?) and Melissa George--probably because she also looks like Rebecca Romijn. It's probably because they're all blonde hahaha. Hmm...now that I think about it, Duffy looks like a lot of people/things. It might just be because of the hair and style, but I'm seeing some Brigitte Bardot...and in some pictures, a Gremlin! hahahaha.

Actually, speaking of Melissa George...she has a striking resemblance to Eliza Dushku. Hmm, yeah! Damn, I'm on a roll! --And I just have to mention, with that new show out, Dollhouse, with Dushku...I can't say that I believe her in the role. I think she's a pretty girl, I just can't see her playing something as vapid as a person with no personality that can be "programmed" or whatever. I just can't see her classing it up. She always seems very.....90s to me. If you catch my drift.

So here they are...What do you think?

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